Joint Technical Secretariat

The Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) is responsible for Programme delivery under the control of the Managing Authority.  Based in the Southern Regional Assembly in Ireland, the tasks of the JTS include:

  • Assisting the Managing Authority in ensuring the efficient and correct management and implementation of the Programme
  • Preparing and providing the information needed by the Managing and Certifying Authorities in meeting their responsibilities
  • Servicing the Programme’s Monitoring and Steering Committees, including the preparation of papers for and drafting meeting minutes, implementation and follow up on decisions made
  • Liaising with the Development Officer team in project development and implementation processes
  • Ensuring applications comply with EU and National requirements and with the agreed project selection criteria for the Programme, and with obligations on information and publicity
  • Issuing grant offer notices, including application guidelines
  • Liaising with successful applicants and monitoring project progress
  • Assisting the Managing Authority with processing payments to beneficiaries
  • Compliance with information and publicity obligations, as set out by European Regulation