Project Appraisal Process

Administrative Check / Acknowledgement Letter
On receipt of your application an administrative check is performed. This involves ensuring that the application is complete and that all the necessary documents have been included with the application. Following this check an acknowledgement letter will be sent to the project.

Technical Assessment / Technical Check Letter
Each application is allocated to an Appraising Officer who carries out a technical assessment. This is followed up by a Technical Check Letter where the Appraising Officer may seek further information or clarification on some aspects of your application.

Cross-cutting Themes Consultation Exercise
Questions 13 and 14 of your application will be assessed by experts in the areas of Equality and Sustainable Development.

Theme Leader Consultation / Letter with Theme Leader Queries
The application will be assessed by Irish and Welsh experts, each Priority has its own panel of experts. If the Theme Leader has any queries concerning the application a further letter containing the queries will be sent to the project partners.

Selection Scoring
Each application is assessed and a score awarded against core and priority level selection criteria.

Steering Committee / Approval or Rejection
Based on your application and any further information that has been requested the Steering Committee will decide if your project is to be approved for funding or rejected.

Decision Letter  / Subsidy Contract
A letter will be sent to you informing you of the Steering Committees decision. Subsidy contracts will be issued to Approved Projects in due course.