Co-operation Criteria

To qualify as a Lead Partner, organisations will have to demonstrate financial management competence and provide evidence of satisfactory Corporate Governance procedures.

Another essential building block in developing cross border partnerships is the 4 cooperation criteria. The aim of these criteria is to link them to the Lead Partner Principle which should maximize the level of joint working between partners. The Lead Partner Principle will work best if it is based around these criteria. These criteria are aimed at ensuring joint working, true cooperation and greater transparency.

The reason that these criteria have been introduced as a formal European Commission requirement is that there have been a number of criticisms in the past that similar programmes did not demonstrate sufficient levels of cross border working and that many projects were in fact just operating on a parallel basis on both sides of borders.

Article 19 of EC Regulation No 1080/2006 says that projects ‘’shall cooperate in at least two of the following ways for each operation:

  • Joint Development
  • Joint Implementation
  • Joint Staffing
  • Joint Financing

They should not be viewed as a difficulty, rather an opportunity to work closer together to deliver top quality truly joint projects.