How To Apply

  • Download the Programme documents
  • Contact your local Development Officer – ongoing liaison is mandatory
  • Submit an Expression of Interest form to register your project idea
  • Develop  a partnership with suitable organisations in Ireland/ Wales
  • Working relationships - agree partner roles and assign a Lead Partner
  • Agree your main project objectives
  • Download the Application Form and guidance notes
  • Complete the application form & submit a draft to your Development Officer for feedback
  • Ensure each partner has the required matched funding (min. 25% of project costs)
  • Final check with the Development Officer teams
  • Submit application form and appendices


Who can apply?

  • National, Regional and Local Authorities
  • Public and State Supported agencies
  • Higher Educational Institutions, Colleges and Research Institutions
  • Private Enterprises, Voluntary & Community/ Third Sector (non-profit organisations in the context of the project)


Partner Search and Application Development

A strong partnership between compatible organisations is essential for the development of successful cross border projects.

The Development Officer team can help to locate a suitable partner and advise on moving from the initial project idea to making a full application. 

Applicants are required to work on their proposals with the Development Officers in advance of making a full application.  Applications that have not liaised with the Development Officer team will not be considered for funding.

Applicants are required to evidence their work with the Development Officers in Q2c of the Programme application form (emails, phone calls, meetings, correspondence etc.).