Priorities and Themes

The Programme resources are concentrated on two key priorities, common to both countries.

Priority 1 – Knowledge, Innovation and Skills for growth

Projects funded under this Priority are intended to boost job creation and foster competitiveness.  Projects will focus on developing the knowledge, R&D/ innovation and entrepreneurial base of the cross-border region’s economy.  It will also enhance the region’s capacity by funding targeted activity to develop the skills and abilities of the population and the workforce.

The priority has two separate but related themes:

  • Innovation and competitiveness
  • Skills for competitiveness and employment integration

Priority 2 – Climate Change and Sustainable Regeneration

Projects under Priority 2 are targeted at managing physical and natural resources in an environmentally sustainable manner and providing opportunities for those living in the region to renew and sustainably regenerate their communities.

The priority has two separate but related themes:

  • Climate Change and Sustainable Development
  • Sustainable Regeneration of Communities

For a full description of the Programme, including a definition of the eligible area, please see the Operational Programme.