Here we aim to address the questions most frequently asked about the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-13.  If you have further questions, please contact your local Development Officer for assistance.

Can my organisation participate in the Programme?
The Programme will accept applications from public, private, voluntary and community sectors. The Development Officer can provide further guidance on what is required.
We have no experience of EU funding. Where can we find out more?
Your local Development Officer can explain how the process works, including the requirements for applicant organisations.
How much funding is available for the Programme as a whole?
The Programme has approximately €52.7m available to applicants for the 2007-13 programming period. The maximum permitted grant is 75% of the total cost of your project.
What is the upper and lower limit of funding I can apply for?
There is no such limit to project cost. The funding required is dependent on your proposed activity and its context. However, the Programme does assess the application in the context of value for money.
Will I get funding?
Your application will go through an appraisal process, which is carried out by the Joint Technical Secretariat to inform the Programme Steering Committee. The decision on whether your application receives funding will ultimately be made by the Programme Steering Committee.
What can I use as match funding?
Your own funds, benefit in kind or funds received from public authorities. EU funds are not permitted to be used as match funding.
Can RAPID, POBAL, Arts Council, Irish Government Departments funding be used as match funding?
They can, but certain conditions may apply.
Is there a lot of work involved in putting an application together?
There is a certain amount of work involved in making the applicaiton. However, the Development Officer team will provide assistance and advice throughout the process. The potential benefits can be substantial if the application is of good quality.
We are a small organisation. Will it be too much work?
It depends on the size of the organisation and resources available. However, the Development Officer team is here to help.
How do I find a partner? Is there a similar organisation to mine in Wales that I can partner with?
The Development Officer team can assist with your search.
Do I have to find a partner myself?
You can be proactive in finding a partner, but the Development Officers will provide support in seeking a suitable partner if needed.
We have no experience of EU funding. Can we be the Lead Partner, what is the Lead Partner?
Yes, but the Lead Partner has a legal obligation on behalf of the other partners. The Lead Partner is the partner organisation which has responsibility for the overall management of the project. While each partner is jointly responsible for project success, one of them must take the lead.