Financial Management

The Ireland Wales Programme has published a number of Good Practice Guides and Information Notes containing important information on the Programme's payments and control procedures and other compliance issues. 

These documents are essential reading for all project partners (as well as Lead Partners).  Project partners are advised to check this section regularly for updates on Programme compliance procedures.

All Programme publications should be read with reference to the Irish and Welsh National Eligibility Rules on Expenditure, the relevant EU Regulations and Department of Finance and Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO) guidance.

Information Notes

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No. Title File (click to download)
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2 Contact Person View
3 Welsh National Rules on Eligibility View
4 Issues Raised at Wexford Workshop View
5 State Aid View
6 Eligibility Guidance Ireland View
7 Penalties for Non-compliance with Public Procurement Rules View
8 Project Start Dates and Eligibility of Expenditure View
9 Budget Variance Permissible View
10 Acceptable & Unacceptable Statements of Expenditure View
11 Audit Trail Requirements & Submitting Statements of Expenditure View
12 Payment on Receipt of a Valid Statement of Expenditure View
14 Project Spend - Rebudgeting & Reprofiling View
15 Statements of Expenditure for less than EUR10,000 View
16 Lead Partner Obligations View
17 Revised Lead Partner Obligations View
18 Programme Staff View
19 Withdrawal of Advance Payment Facility View
22 Project Closure and Project Extensions View

Good Practice Guides

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2 Publicity Requirements View
3 Document Retention View
4 Completing an SOE View
5 Changes to Project Budgets View
6 On the Spot Verifications View
7 Payment Claim Form View
8 Closure Procedures View
9 Programme Indicators Guidance View

Payment and Control

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4 Sample Statement of Expenditure View
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