Interreg Summary - Ireland

In the period 2007-13, the European Territorial Co-operation Objective (formerly the INTERREG Community Initiative) aim to address issues that are common across national borders.  These programmes aim to bring people and organisations across EU borders together to work on these common issues and to learn from each other through knowledge transfer and sharing best practice.

The European Territorial Cooperation Objective has three types of programme, A - cross-border, B - transnational and C - interregional.  Ireland benefits from six ETC programmes which are co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund.


A: Cross-border Co-operation Programmes (Interreg 4A) - along internal EU borders

Interreg 4A Northern Ireland, Border Region of Republic of Ireland & Western Scotland

Interreg 4A Ireland Wales Programme 2007-13

B: Transnational Co-operation Programmes (Interreg 4B) - larger areas of co-operation across the EU

Interreg 4B North West Europe

Interreg 4B Atlantic Area Programme

Interreg 4B Northern Periphery Programme

C: Interregional Co-operation Programme (Interreg 4C) - regions across all 27 EU Member States

Interreg 4C (now called Interreg Europe for the 2014-20 programming period)


For information on these Programmes in Wales, please visit the WEFO website.  Further information on the European Territorial Co-operation Objective can be found on the Europa website.