Ecojel – two years on

The Ecojel project, a joint initiative between University College Cork in Ireland and Swansea University in Wales, is still tracking jellyfish in the Irish Sea two years after it officially ended. The project was part-funded by the Ireland Wales Programme 2007-13 from July 2008 until June 2012 to assess the opportunities and detrimental impacts of jellyfish in the Irish Sea. 

The project arose out of a concern at the increase in the abundance of jellyfish in the Irish Sea as a result of climate change.  However, the knowledge about these organisms was considered very limited.

Several jellyfish ‘hotspots’ have been identified in the Irish Sea where they have had negative impacts on tourism and aquaculture.  This trend is seen across the world where jellyfish blooms have had critical socio-economic impacts, e.g. clogging fishing nets, causing mass mortalities of farmed salmon or blocking the cooling water intake of power stations. They are also suspected to prey on certain fish eggs and larvae which further weaken fish stocks.

A highly successful project, the Ecojel team has raised awareness about jellyfish in the Irish Sea among general public, medical professionals, water safety officers and fisheries.  Newspaper, radio and television interviews with the Ecojel team are available to watch here.

Critical to this has been the jellyfish sighting & report a sting online facilities which has allowed the general public to actively contribute to the scientific research.

The Ecojel team created a series of printable tools which identify the different kinds of jellyfish, the ABC of jellyfish sightings and a first aid protocol to treat stings, available below.

For further information on Ecojel, visit the project website or follow The Big Jellyfish Hunt on Facebook.

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