Ireland Wales Annual Event 2009

The Ireland Wales Programme focused on business innovation and creativity at its annual event on 19th June 2009 in Dublin.

Speakers from both Ireland and Wales spoke on how to make creativity the driving force of business, working in a business cluster, collaborating with the Higher Education sector to drive research and how state agencies can assist innovation and creativity.

The Programme has funded many innovation-based projects, which are funded under primarily under Priority 1: Knowledge, Innovation and Skills for Growth, but also Priority 2: Climate Change & Sustainable Regeneration.

Stephen Blair the Director of the Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly said,

‘‘In these difficult economic circumstances, businesses need as much support as possible to remain competitive. One of the best ways of doing this is by fostering creativity and innovation as an integral part of business development. Through the multimillion euro investment of the Ireland Wales Programme in supporting innovation initiatives we want to help businesses in the region to be more competitive’’.