Aims & Objectives

ACT stands for “Advanced Communication Technologies”.  The project aims to support research and development and knowledge exchange for small, medium and micro-sized enterprises (SMEs and micro-enterprises) that want to capitalise on new internet-related business models and associated communication technologies.

ACT will work with SMEs and micro-enterprises from six business sectors - ICT, Energy and Environment, Advanced Materials and Manufacturing, Creative Industries, Life Sciences and Financial and Professional Services – with an emphasis on creating multi-sectoral business networks.

Two main themes will be explored, namely Innovation Business Models (how companies can harness new innovations to drive business) and Media Exchange (using online media to develop test and integrate new business communication techniques).

The project partners will develop a 3-tier approach to help beneficiaries to capitalise on these new forms of business activity:

  • ACT 1: Innovation seminars exploring new communication technologies;
  • ACT 2: Specialist workshops giving individually tailored strategies;
  • ACT 3: Specialist supports to prototype new products/ process emerging from ACT 1 and 2.

The project will produce the following outputs:

  • Develop research in the cross-border area;
  • Host seminars and specialist workshops with 100 businesses in the cross-border area;
  • Create 4 business networks to benefit 28 SMEs/micro-enterprises in the cross-border area;
  • Create 5 new products/services and 4 new jobs in the cross border area;
  • Create and disseminate tailored blueprints to meet the needs of ACT participating businesses.
Partner ERDF (€) Total Project Budget (€)
South East Regional Authority LP 285,000 380,000
Swansea Metropolitan University 299,370 399,160
Carlow County Enterprise Board 45,000 60,000
University of Wales Trinity Saint David 226,451 301,935
All Partners 855,821 1,141,095

Counties in Ireland where the project is carried out:

Carlow, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Waterford, Wexford

Counties in Wales where the project is carried out:

Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Pembrokeshire


Name Organisation Email Telephone
Michael Moroney - Tipperary County Council +353 52 612 6200