Aims & Objectives

WINSENT aims to

  • Find the social entrepreneurs, to harness their skills and knowledge and let others benefit from them.
  • Help those active in social enterprises to recognise if they are indeed social entrepreneurs themselves
  • Help them grow further and become ambassadors for social entrepreneurship.

WINSENT has a mix of partner organisations, social enterprises and local authorities all working together to:

  • Raise awareness and promote the culture of social entrepreneurship
  • Create new social enterprises with entrepreneurial flair
  • Support existing social enterprises and the social entrepreneurs
  • Identify opportunities within the social economy
  • Assist community based groups to deliver key services locally in an entrepreneurial way
  • Develop WISEA (Wales Ireland Network for Social Entrepreneurship Alliance) which will facilitate the exchange of knowledge amongst social entrepreneurs and social enterprises.
Partner ERDF (€) Total Project Budget (€)
Partas LP 441,736 585,911
BASE 115,822 164,675
Denbighshire County Council 173,912 233,392
Isle of Anglesey County Council 96,713 129,789
Fingal County Council 4,353 17,163
South Dublin County Council 6,378 25,671
Total 838,914 1,156,601
Location in Ireland and Wales where the project is carried out

Counties in Ireland where the project is carried out:

Dublin, Kildare, Meath

Counties in Wales where the project is carried out:

Denbighshire, Isle of Anglesey


Name Organisation Email Telephone
Noreen Keegan Kavanagh - Project and Finance Manager WINSENT, Bolbrook Enterprise Centre Avonmore Road Tallaght, Dublin 24 +353 1 4145777
John Kearns (Lead Partner) - CEO PARTAS, Bolbrook Enterprise Centre Avonmore Road Tallaght, Dublin 24 +353 1 4145700