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SUSFISH will produce guidelines for future fisheries management, ensuring sustainable development of the shellfish industry in Ireland and Wales for the next 50-100 years. This will be achieved by assessing the effects of climate change (via oceanographic models) on shellfish productivity in the Irish Sea and determining adaptation or mitigationContinue readingsusfish

win ipt

• Establish a Wales Ireland Network for Innovative Photovoltaic Technologies promoting the development of the ‘ideas economy’ and enhancing business opportunities for SMEs in the cross border region. The network will bring industry leaders local authorities and academic experts together to expand the RTDI base in the cross-border region. •Continue readingwin ipt


The overall aim of the CIME project is to analyse, develop and deliver innovative/creativity techniques, through dedicated programmes involving specialists, into the micro-enterprise and SME sectors in the Ireland-Wales INTERREG cross-border area. The project is based on the principle that by cultivating creativity, the micro-enterprise sector will be mobilised, incentivisedContinue readingcime


The application of Nanotechnology to Medicine (Nanohealth) has the potential to deliver major advances in healthcare, and in doing so, will drive innovation and deliver sustainable economic & social development. National agencies in Wales & Ireland have supported the establishment of world class Research & Development (R&D) infrastructures in SwanseaContinue readingCan