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Celtic Wave

Celtic Wave aims to facilitate a collaborative approach to growing and developing the cruise ship industry in the Irish Sea. This will be delivered by the following objectives:

  • To create one managed brand for the Irish Sea cruise ground
  • To raise and promote the profile of the Irish Sea as a cruise ship destination
  • To create a consistent welcome for cruise passengers who visit the Irish Sea cruising grounds
  • To create a strong working coalition of all cruise industry partner organisations of both Ireland and Wales

If cultural synergy is viewed as a crucial element of the promotional mix then an Irish-Welsh partnership has a uniqueness that will appeal to a large and identifiable market. This is an opportune time to develop a strategic working partnership between Ireland and Wales within the cruise tourism market.

Innovation, combined with creative and entrepreneurial flair, can encapsulate the cultural uniqueness of the Irish-Welsh connection. This is central to satisfying the demands of a latent but well-defined target audience of cruise passengers.

We will also seek to address the added value of the brand, cultural synergy, location, shared values & unique selling points which would lead to a globally competitive offer of the Irish Sea as a cruise destination as well as raising its existing profile and can only result in the regeneration of the areas.

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