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• Establish a Wales Ireland Network for Innovative Photovoltaic Technologies promoting the development of the ‘ideas economy’ and enhancing business opportunities for SMEs in the cross border region. The network will bring industry leaders local authorities and academic experts together to expand the RTDI base in the cross-border region.

• Deliver direct R&D assistance and consultancy services to 30 SMEs operating in the cross border region over 36 months.

• Support innovation and enterprise by establishing working partnerships between SMEs, Local Authorities and HEIs to develop the PV industry and the low carbon economy in the cross border region.

• Develop the skills economy through the provision of placement opportunities for undergraduate students at partner sites (Industry and Academic).

• Develop the skills economy through the provision of R&D training to junior researchers.

• Specific products will be developed, self-powered lighting and self-powered wireless sensors. Demonstration trials of new technologies at LA sites will lead to closer collaboration between SMEs and LAs & contribute to national goals of reducing CO2 emissions from buildings & the creation of an interregional hub of expertise.

• Improvements in PV manufacturing processes to improve the yield & performance of 3rd generation PV devices leading to new products for outdoor PV installations. This technology is particularly suited to the cross border climate

• Facilitate secondments and R&D training to expand the skills available to cross border SMEs improving their competitiveness. Placements are designed to promote the industry to undergraduates offering them new potential career choices.

• Develop innovative PV products in partnership with 6 SMEs.

• Improve PV manufacturing processes through direct intervention with 2 SMEs.

• Provide secondment opportunities for WIN-IPT staff at partner sites to aid knowledge transfer.

• The B&I forum will develop networking opportunities between cross border SMEs, create new opportunities, new business models, reduce PV installation costs & create employment by increased deployment of PV.

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